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This is the website TheEvenMind (TEM) where we ‘meet’ & ‘greet’ to talk about Meditation:

  • we talk about both the ‘values’ and the ‘benefits’ of Meditation

We talk about ‘what’ Meditation ‘is’ and ‘why’ we should consider ‘using’ it for ‘us’

We see the  ‘term’ Meditation around these days and that ‘many’ people are ‘accessing’ it:

  • People are ‘using’ Meditation for ‘common’ things like pain management, a ‘way’ to relax and the ‘famous’ use of finding peace for ourselves!

Here at TheEvenMind we love to discuss this and we cover so many topics all around the term & idea of Meditation.

Check out Our Articles and see the many things we talk about like:

We Welcome you to TheEvenMind!

smcAt TheEvenMind we make Meditations so we have several Meditation Packages available to see.

This way we can ‘have it for ourselves.’

These are lovely Collections of 3 Meditations, both vivid & bright to help to get insight for ‘learning Meditation NOW.’

These Meditations introduce and explainways to meditate‘ so you don’t need to ‘guess & worry’ about whether the Teaching is good or not.

These Meditations are complete and thoughtfully made so they can help us to ‘get things started,’ making the approach to Meditation ‘immediate!’

They can be useful for beginner meditators or more advanced meditators as well.

See the Meditation Packages at our: TomLloyd site >>

livingroomHere we cover the topic of ‘The 3 States’ which is a ‘central’ part of our day. These 3 States actually ‘are’ the ‘definition’ of the ‘world we ‘experience’ all day.

From the time that we wake up, in the morning, to going to sleep at night, we ‘experience’ these 3 States.

Even when we are in the deep sleep ‘state,’ where we get ‘so much ‘good rest, we ‘experience’ these 3 States.

Some people comment about the ‘deep sleep state’ saying:

christmasAll of our life we practice giving and receiving.

It can be a joy to give just like to receive. Giving makes us ‘feel happy’ and we can see this reflected in our health.

We can gain a lot from the Value of Giving.. Read more >>

Méditation kneelMeditation ‘is around these days and so we see that people are ‘doing’ it

When ‘things’ are ‘getting’ good then:

  • there are ‘reasons to ‘try’ The Meditation

Like this we ‘see’ then:

  • why to ‘do’ The Meditation!

We can see ‘what’ The Meditation is, why to ‘do’ it and some great ‘reasons’ to meditate.

There are more and more followers of The Meditation these days and the ‘benefits’ are not hard to ‘see’

If we haven’t ‘tried’ it yet, The Meditation is certainly ‘worth’ trying.

All we ‘need’ is a few minutes in the morning or evening (or both), instead of turning on our phone or going online. Read more >>

the even mind

Here at this site TheEvenMind we talk about life, love and meditation as it applies to the name TheEvenMind. It is about:

  • being forthright
  • balanced
  • focused

and ‘on the ball.

RishikeshRishikesh is a Holy city in the northern India.

It is a lovely town and has so much to offer for all types of enthusiasts. There are:

  • beautiful nature settings
  • nice Ashrams and hotels (or camps) for accommodation

and many, many things to spend your time on.

Yoga and Meditation are the inseparable soul of Rishikesh so we definitely could find that there.

There’s a lot to do in Rishikesh and we talk about it here! Read more >>

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