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Buddha sitting
Meditating Buddha

When people think about meditation there are many visions like a deep trance, samadhi (absorption) state or a fantastic journey, all kinds of experiences.

Sometimes you might wonder how you get from where you are to there. Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated or ‘way out’ and maybe the most common goal for meditators is a calm, peaceful mind. One of the best meditation techniques to accomplish this is breathing meditation. Read more >>

Guided Meditation

For many just waking up in the morning and starting the day with meditation makes all the difference. Guided Meditations are a great way to enhance your experience.

Guided Meditation is a proven method for sitting down, following along and getting in the groove with a proven teacher. It works for many and we know some good ones to recommend. Read more >>

Emily Fletcher
Ziva Meditation

People are turning to meditation today more than ever because the word is out that we can grow and develop better than just thinking about it. With meditation you can look within and tap into the vital resources already available.

Some people try it on their own and might make progress but most agree that having a teacher makes it a lot easier (and better.) With knowledge and thoughtful guidance a teacher can instruct you and lift you up to realize the potential that awaits you inside. Read more >>

food plate
Balanced diet

Since we all eat food it’s important to watch what we eat and try to have a healthy diet. A healthy diet is good for both your physical and mental health.

We should watch our diet regularly to see that we get enough nutrition and energy to perform our daily functions, as well as avoid the risks and pitfalls that come from a poor diet. Read more >>

meditation monk
Meditating monk

Meditation is quite popular these days and many people want to try their hand at it. Whether you choose your home, out in nature or a Holy place, it is always a good idea to meditate.

In the simplest sense we can say meditation is best described as the act of seeking peace. Scholars have noted that the term ‘meditation’ is parallel to the term “contemplation” in Christianity, which means to look at or view with continued attention or to observe or study thoughtfully. Read more >>

Buddhist statue
Meditation Retreats

With most people leading a busy life there’s more and more talk about the benefits of practicing meditation. With its offer of peace and calm it looks like an offer that’s hard to refuse.

It’s a great way to start your day and can make the difference between a ho hum morning or being off to a good start. Sometimes, though, finding time to meditate can be a daunting task so some people choose the option of a meditation retreat. Read more >>

Rishikesh India

India is a diverse country and is very famous for meditation. Almost anywhere you go there are signs about it or even people meditating.

Some places are designated meditation centers and offer accomodations and courses on different types of meditation. One of the most famous centers for meditation is Rishikesh. Read more >>

Mindfulness girl
Practice mindfulness

You’ve probably heard it mentioned around, Mindfulness is more than a buzzword. Some teachers refer to it as a movement.

Being ‘in the now’ or ‘paying attention on purpose’ are common slogans referring to mindfulness approach, and gaining heightened awareness is on everybody’s list. Read more >>

self help BOOK
Self Healing process

When we think of health we think of functioning well and being in good shape. We also like our health to include the ability to heal.

Within us is our innate natural health that we can manage and maintain to realize good performance and maximize our ‘up time.’

When we do maintain good health, we can slow down the aging process to better handle the challenges we face during our day. Read more >>

When we breathe we take in air that is vital for our body and mind. In yoga this vital air is called Prana and is used, along with food and water, to sustain us.

The prana is truly vital to us and it is said that our lives begin and end with a breath. We can go without food or water for some days but we can only go without air for a short time. Read more >>

meditation scene

Here at this site TheEvenMind we talk about life, love and meditation as it applies to the name TheEvenMind, which is about being forthright and balanced. Being focused and on the ball is on everybody’s list so we want to talk about it and discuss ways to achieve it.

TheEvenMind is our true mind in its potential, with inner peace and harmony as part of our very nature. It’s about truth, love, friendship and relations, a give and take that we do in life but also having the focus and balance that we truly need. Read more >>

buddha tian tan statue
Tian Tan Buddha

In Hong Kong there is the Tian Tan Buddha, also known as the Big Buddha, situated on the peaceful Lantau Island. It is the largest bronze seated Buddha statue in the world.

Seated peacefully atop a lotus flower at its base, it overlooks the Lantau Valley and adds a serene touch to the setting. People come to visit from all over the world and from the base of the statue there are magnificent views of the valley and surrounding mountains. On a clear day it can be seen from as far away as Macau. Read more >>

Méditation kneel
Man practicing meditation

As the world turns and society evolves, meditation is becoming more popular and people are finding success with it for calming their mind and achieving inner balance. When it comes to finding peace and contentment there is no better method than the practice of meditation.

People are finding results in meditation with as little as 10 minutes per day. It is also proven that the more you do it the more benefit you get from it. Read more >>

herb peppercorns
Ridding body toxins

Being in good health not only feels good but makes a lot of sense. Doctors and our friends tell us all the time about the virtues and benefits of being and feeling healthy.

When you wake up in the morning you want to feel healthy and start out at the top of your game. Being in good health not only feels good but makes a lot of sense.

Nobody wants to feel low or run down, you want your body to work good including its main systems: liver, kidneys, intestines, lymphatic system and skin. Read more >>

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