The Body, The World and The Creator

The Body, The World and The Creator


  • Everybody Faces the World
  • Knowing the World Through Sensory Experience
  • The 5 Senses
  • Managing the 5 Senses
  • Greeting the World Each Day
  • Being Mindful of the World
  • The Definition of the Creation
  • Who is the Creator?
  • Giving Thanks to the Creator
  • Ways of Giving Thanks to the Creator
  • Remembering Our Relationship with the Creator
  • Summary

As we walk through the day, living our lives, we tend to chores and duties to keep up with life and its pace. Rarely, however, do we take notice of the place we are in, the world itself.

This world is our world and we all share it together with the people, places and things that are included in it. Since we are all in it together it’s good to take notice of the place including the situations we face along the way.

Everybody Faces the World

All of us have a body that we call our body. I am a man so mine is a male body. Whether we are young, old, male or female it is our body that they see when the people around us point or refer to us. ‘Hey there goes Jane‘ or ‘Bill looks good today!’

It is our body they refer to and it is this body that we use to relate to the world. We see the world, we feel it and we hear it all of the time so it is good to get to know what makes it up.

Knowing the World Through Sensory Experience

We know the world starting each day when we wake up. We come out of sleep, our body is there and we notice:

  • the light
  • our breath
  • being awake
  • the room around us
  • the warm bed

and probably any sounds or smells that are in our room or nearby outside.

The 5 Senses

Being awake for some is a shock while for others is a pleasure but we all agree it’s good to be awake. Being awake is our introduction to the world each day with all its wonder and we find this experience through the 5 senses:

  • seeing
  • hearing
  • feeling (touch)
  • smelling
  • taste

These 5 senses are wonderful things and they come included with the body! We all know that when they are working good we have a full great experience.

Managing the 5 Senses


We have to temper the senses and be mindful of our focus and actions because they are such a magnificent gift. Everybody knows that if we experience too much it can be hard on us so we do temper the senses and control our experience.

We avoid sensory overload for things like: eating too much, looking at something too long or doing an activity too long.

When we are modest and humble we proceed well and don’t overdo it. This gives us a rich experience that we can maintain and continue. It’s best when it lasts.

Waking up to meditation is always a good idea.

Greeting the World Each Day

Seeing our relationship with the world is valuable for us because it is our duty to have a relationship with it. We play a part in the creation and we know we all have things to do and accomplish.

Each day, after we wake up, we usually get dressed and go off to do our duties in the world. We might:

  • make the bed
  • have a coffee
  • eat breakfast
  • read the paper
  • meditate

and so on, getting ready and preparing for what often turns out to be a busy day for us.

When we prepare well the day usually goes good.

When we leave the house we most often notice the day and the great big world that we see out there.

It’s good to keep in mind that the world is a busy place and we need to proceed with caution as we go through it.

Being Mindful of the World

Seeing and knowing that the world is big is for sure important, even one of the most important things for us.

To see and watch the world, trying to be non-judgemental and know that many things have their own nature, is to be mindful of the world. Everybody sees, thinks and proceeds uniquely so we must be mindful of the choices and variety present around us.

It’s a wonder how the whole world stays balanced and proceeds smoothly. When we play our part in the world mindfully we notice that it can be a ‘workable situation.’

When we stay in tune with the world around us, when we are mindful and ‘go with the flow,’ we can find a balance and harmony with it and this can lead us to rich full experience.

At any time we could have a good experience.

The Definition of the Creation

When we are observing the world and participating in the great flow we know this as the creation. This creation is a gift to us from the Creator.

The creation was made by the Creator.

We see the creation and all at once we marvel at:

What a great creation He has made!

  • The people, places and things
  • the trees, rivers and nature
  • the sun, moon and stars
  • the great air and space

this is a vast creation and we see and know that it is available to us, even immediately.

All we have to do is make a plan to go see the creation.

Who is the Creator?

When we see the creation and love the variety and beauty in it we instantly think of praising the Creator, because afterall He has given this to us.

People say things like, ‘What have I done to deserve this?’

But it is true that He has furnished us with this great creation and Lord knows we sure do a lot of things in it.

We go out and:

  • start a business
  • make friends
  • explore the rivers, mountains and beyond
  • study in school to grow our knowledge
  • marry our spouse and raise a family

We do so much and we still haven’t exhausted all of the possibilities.

We sometimes wonder if it is unlimited!

Giving Thanks to the Creator

Knowing that He has provided all this wonder, with detail and variety, urges us to give thanks to Him.

We like to think that He has given us this life, with all its health, wealth and possibility, and He sustains us for our duration on this planet, so it is only right that we think of Him and acknowledge that He has given us this.

Ways of Giving Thanks to the Creator

There are many ways of giving thanks to the Creator. Some of them are:

  • lead a good life
  • be mindful during our days
  • be kind to others
  • contribute to the world and our society
  • pray

All of these are good, thoughtful attempts by us to give thanks.

Giving thanks to Him is a form of giving back.

Remembering Our Relationship with the Creator

So we see that all of this wonder and beauty that is available to us has been supplied and put here by the Creator.

It seems all He asks of us is to love each other and care for the creation.

Being mindful of our actions, thoughts and part in the creation puts us aware and in tune with the creation, the Creator and the vibration of the universe where the energy flows in balance and can be constant over time.


We talk about these possibilities, living a full happy life, and we believe that it is possible with being mindful of the creation and our part in it:

  • ourselves
  • the world
  • the Creator

These 3 things define the creation and the players and parts in it. With these 3 things our life is full.

When we are mindful of the creation then we can find good things!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about The Body, The World & The Creator and if you have any questions or suggestions please add them in the comments section down below. We love to hear from you so please follow us on Social Media!

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