What is Speech Karma?

What is Speech Karma?

Everyday we live our lives, both alone and with others, and go about our way performing so many tasks and duties. Starting when we wake up and see the day we start to think about things like:

  • what kind of day will it be?
  • am I ok?
  • I hope it doesn’t rain today

Thoughts are ok and for sure they are natural for us. When thoughts rise up and are compelling, or want to be more, then we sometimes take them into speech.

What is Speech?

Everybody knows that speech consists of the words and sounds that we say & hear all the time in the world around us.

Speech by definition is the lines of thought that we construct and prepare for delivery into the world, usually to others. Thoughts are in the mind and speech we channel through the mouth. Thoughts are one thing and speech is another.

  • The mind is on the level of the mind
  • Speech is on the level of the speech
  • They are not the same
  • They are not on the same level

Almost always the thoughts come first and then the speech would follow, if we choose to speak. We see that speech comes from mind and so, since it is our mind, then it is our speech.

Usually everyone agrees that we are responsible for the speech we make.

Preparing Our Speech

We want to make speech that is heard usually, like when we speak to others, so we want to create or prepare lines that others will accept and hopefully like.

It’s good to spend time considering our thoughts before we prepare speech to present to others.

Is Preparing Speech Difficult?

Since thinking is one thing and speech is another then both of these need time to prepare so they come out right.

When we are mindful and prepare our speech thoughtfully then it can proceed in line and be part of our greater harmony.

Making Speech (like the weight lifter)

Since we know we can’t stay quiet all the time then we all have to address the task of making speech. If we are mindful and choose well then it doesn’t have to be hard to speak.

Sometimes the idea of making speech is like the weight lifter, we try hard to raise it up and we get it up there. When we raise the thoughts up high enough then we are able to pronounce them, and so speak into the world.

This idea, like the weight lifter, really can show at times like when it is hard to speak. It might seem like we just can’t get it up, can’t quite raise it high enough, or the words are not quite there.

Often we know from the past that if we persist, keep trying, then we can get the thoughts up and deliver our speech.

Practice Making Speech

It’s good to practice making speech, so when we need to speak we have some resources. Like the old saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect.’

People who don’t talk much are not as sure that when they need it it is there. Having good words when we need them can be a real help for us. It’s usually good to speak some and stay in practice, but we must remember that there is a balance.

Finding the Balance

We don’t want to never speak nor do we want to speak all the time. For most things in life there is a balance so to get it right we:

  • find our way
  • bend and flow
  • proceed mindfully

This way we see that:

All things come in measure

Sometimes we speak, sometimes we don’t, but having it right is best and it is possible for us to do that.

What is Speech Karma?

One of the most important things to remember about speech is that it is us that makes the speech, so we are responsible for what we say. We already know this from our experiences in life.

These are our words, we choose them, and so we want them to go well. The last thing we want is to be misunderstood or taken wrongly, especially if the ones we deal with decide to judge us.

When we are by ourselves it is usually a time of quietude and being at peace. This means that when we are alone we usually don’t speak.

There do arise times to speak for all of us so we have to decide what we want to say, what terms, style & tone we want to use to present our speech.

How we present & deliver our speech is viewed as an action by us. This means that it could incur karma.

Karma is like the ‘traces of us‘ that we leave on things, like our speech.

These traces can effect the course & outcome of our actions.

If we choose well and consider others then our actions can result good.

The Best Karma

Many times we have heard of the word karma. Now we know what it is and that we have a choice about the effect & outcome of our actions.

People say things like, ‘Oh, that is bad karma’ or ‘Oh, that is good karma’ and we usually want or hope for the good karma. It seems that good karma would mean that thing would be going our way (and we like that!)

Another possibility would be, ‘what if there was no karma?’

What if we did things in a way that there was no karma, no ‘trace of us’ left lying on the things we do? Would that be ok?

We think it sounds ok so the best thing to keep in mind is trying to proceed in a way that is:

  • mindful
  • considerate of others and
  • contributes to society and the world around us

We always want our actions to benefit the world and contribute to the greater good.

How to Make Good Speech Karma

The idea of making good speech karma is not as hard as it sounds or may seem.

Clean, concise, mindful speech can help us communicate with others and better our feelings, well-being & relationships.

Finding Scope

If we consider others in our actions and are mindful we can gain scope and so embrace the bigger picture. Then, having a good picture to act in, with well meant speech that considers others, this would probably not damage us too much.

If we proceed well we can avoid errors and present ourselves good. Poor choice or errant delivery of speech could mislead others or even bring on unpredictable results.

When things go astray they are much harder to manage and get in line.

We have to stress the importance of choosing wisely, making good choices. If we make bad karma through poor or errant choices it likely would come back to us later at some time. This would be not as easy to deal with as ‘clean sailing.’

We should act right, now!


Speech is a great thing and we all know that we are grateful for having it. Many agree that without speech we would be lost.

How would we tell our wife that we love her or tell the dog to get out of here?

We need speech and if it is quality speech then we do better with all people, places & things. Being mindful and considerate plays a meaningful part in our day & lives plus helps us make good speech.

Summing it up:

Everybody remembers a good speaker!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about Speech Karma and if you have any questions or suggestions please add them in the comments section down below. We love to hear from you so please follow us on Social Media!

Featured image credit: By Salvatore Chiarolanza

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