Why Do Meditation?

Why Do Meditation?

As the world turns and society evolves, meditation is becoming more popular.

People are finding success with it for:

  • calming their mind and
  • achieving inner balance

and, when it comes to finding peace and contentment, there is no better method than the practice of meditation.

People are not only finding success but they are finding results too.

With meditation, and as little as only 10 minutes per day, people are feeling better & brighter so the word is out that:

  • the meditation can have value for us.

It is also proven that:

the more we do it the more benefit we get from it.

So Why Not Try Meditation?

As we say:

  • people are finding meditation valuable enough to do

Most people who try it like it and some pick it up and do it regularly.

If we like meditation then we can find some time to do it.

Making Time for Meditation

In our modern world people are:

  • busy, busy, busy

Sometimes the hardest part of meditation is:

  • finding time to do it

We can set aside time to meditate and really consider the idea ofregular practice.’

If it’s good then this would make sense, right?

When we do like the meditation then it is customary to make time for doing it.

The Idea of ‘Regular Practice

To practice ‘the meditation’ is good.

We hear it from others, or even better, we find it out for ourselves.

  • Taking the time tomeditate regularly‘ can really prove to be beneficial.

Most people find it ‘a good idea’ to set up a ‘regular practice.

It’s better to:

meditate 10 minutes per day, everyday

than to:

meditate once a week for 70 minutes.

The ‘continuing aspect’ of regular practice is positive and tends to build momentum over time, like ‘growing & growing.

Somehow it seems like it can:

  • just get better.

A ‘regular meditation practice’ can be very beneficial for things we need like:

  • calming our thoughts
  • building patience

andbreathing deeply’ the joys of our own ‘inner beauty!

It’s good to think about the idea of:

  • a regular meditation practice

The Goal of Meditation

Meditation is a wonderful tool for calming the mind and gaining peace.

We can:

  • gather ourselves
  • think things over
  • focus

there are a lot of things that meditation is good for.

Because of this we can know:

  • why to do meditation

Reasons to Do ‘Regular Meditation’

Doing it & liking it can go hand in hand, so there really is good reason to consider ‘regular meditation practice.’

When we:

  • tune in, and
  • pay attention

we can see the things that are ‘in front of us,’ so the idea of:

  • managing our day

can ‘be possible’ and then we see that, with the addition of the idea of meditation,’ these things can be both possible & available to us.


taking the time to meditate

can encourage

taking the time to meditate more!

There are so few things in life that we find where:

  • more is better.

Regular practice of meditation can be one of these!

About Regular Meditation Practice

Taking some time to ‘setup a meditation practice’ can actually be fun!

Meditators take special care for things like:

  • preparing their meditation place and
  • making sure they can be left alone & undisturbed

so they can seek calm without a lot of bother from family and pets.

Benefits of Meditation

Besides there being good reasons for meditating, it has some good benefits too.

3 good Benefits of Meditation are:

  • Sleep Better
  • More Mindful Meals
  • Improve relationships & love life

Sleep Better – Meditation is restful and studies have shown that it helps people get better sleep, and more of it too.

People have said that meditation calms them and when they lay down to sleep it is easier to doze off than having an active mind or racing thoughts. This makes for being more rested so more shut-eye at night means brighter days.

In sleep the dream state can be pleasant, like a pastime with some entertainment, but what we want and need most is deep sleep, that perfect peace. The golden deep sleep is cherished by many and sometimes people describe it as “I slept like a baby.”

Meditation can also help sleep problems like insomnia.

Meditation and mindful meals – It can help us balance our diet and cravings so we avoid stress eating.

One study tested a group of women to see if meditating could prevent overeating. The scientists didn’t prescribe any diet, but instead taught mindful eating, to approach it with balanced outlook and try to avoid cravings.

The participants meditated for thirty minutes a day and the meditation helped them maintain their weight. They all said they felt better and they liked it.

Improve relationships & love life – Meditation can improve your outlook and self esteem, making for a better you, and can help with your dealings with friends, relationships and world situations.

Since meditation can improve your relating it can also improve your love life: caring, listening and feeling good about yourself and others.

So use meditation to enhance your love life, your relationships and your partner will thank you.


So here we see what meditation is, why to do it and some great reasons to meditate. There are more and more followers of it these days and the benefits are not hard to see.

If you haven’t tried meditation yet, it’s certainly worth a shot. All you need is a few minutes in the morning or evening (or both), instead of turning on your phone or going online.

See what happens if you try quieting down your mind, or at least paying attention to your thoughts. Tune into the joy of being: not being this or that, just being.

It is like the book titled, ‘Mountains and Rivers without end.’ If the research is right, just a few minutes of meditation may make a big difference.

Also remember that it is good to have a teacher and also apply a regular practice.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about Why Do Meditation and if you have any questions or suggestions please add them in the comments section down below.

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