All About Heaven

All About Heaven

When we think of the best place ever we think of heaven. It is a place we all dream of that was loved and worshiped by our ancestors.

in many religions, heaven is the abode of God or the gods, and also hosts the angels, deities, the blessed ones, and other celestial beings.

Heaven is a Paradise that is the home of The Creator.

The Bible says: “The LORD has established His throne in heaven, and His kingdom rules over all” (Psalm 103:19).

Where is Heaven?

It’s possible that heaven is right here with us all the time. We especially feel that way when we are in a good mood or things are going well. Probably the world is contained in heaven (or at least part of the world.)

We imagine that it is beautiful and it probably is.

Heaven is synonymous with order, it is:

  • blessed
  • calm
  • serene
  • wise
  • all governing
  • vast

People love the idea of it and believe it offers qualities like: freedom from hunger, thirst, pain, deprivation, disease, and strife.

In heaven we could find lasting peace, as well as contentment, knowledge and the end of ignorance.

It is said that in the beginning heaven and earth were closely linked

Even now it might be so.

How Do We Get to Heaven?

Within we long for it, we want to have a place in heaven.

Some think that it will come as the result of enduring great suffering, but suffering will not necessarily grant a place in heaven. Most religions believe it is attained by performing noble deeds.

Heaven likes faith

We stand a good chance to get there if we please the Creator.

  • it is His kingdom
  • it is known for light
  • it is thought of as warm
  • it is usually considered to be monotheistic (one God)
  • it is the original garden of Eden

Although the Creator is only one He might have many ministers.

Heaven is sometimes depicted as the lotus blossom.

Angels sing:
“Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts” (Isaiah 6:3).

What Could We Find in Heaven?

Heaven, besides being Paradise, is the place to find all our answers. When we want to stay young, feel fresh and think clearly we know that heaven can do it.

The best things we could find there is happiness and never-ending spiritual progress. It is the source of our salvation.

Communion with God is the chief end for which human beings were made

Various Views of Heaven

In India there are the Hindus and they have some really good stuff to say. They say that the world is in an endless cycle of birth and death (samsara) and people keep coming back to new births until they find salvation.

They suggest that the world cycle is very much propelled by desire and calming desire is key to finding true happiness.

For them the goal of salvation is called Moksha (liberation), a release from bondage (suffering) which constitutes a final release from the endless cycle of birth and death (samsara).

Doesn’t this sound good? Imagine that it can be possible to end suffering. Finding heaven is apparently a really good idea.

heaven is the key to forever
heaven is forever

To get out of suffering is probably the best thing that heaven offers, and we think that would include living forever. If this is what’s included then we want in!

What’s Included in Heaven?

Many people believe that in heaven we can all be together, united. It does sound good as a final answer.

Heaven might include various realms or levels as some texts have indicated. Taoist, Buddhist and Hindu beliefs may suggest that heaven has different levels, from the low to the high. If this is true then we think that it is probably based on merit & wisdom.

For example, heaven may have a gracious, loving entry level where people begin and learn the ways of heaven. As we learn and grow we could gradually rise to higher levels and gain wisdom and knowledge along the way.

This is usually done by gaining the grace or blessing of the Masters (merit.) With higher knowledge would come spiritual growth.

It is said that spiritual enlightenment comes from reaching the highest level, the place of true attainment. But remember that great wise devotees have attained this sometimes even at beginning levels (we think they prayed for this!)

Those who have attained true liberation (moksha) are said to be one with the ways of heaven


Heaven is great and we think it can be available to us. Some think of it as ‘handsome’ and it may contain realms of ether (divine nectar.)

Heaven offers us what a society regards as the highest good. It is a shining example for us to govern our lives!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about Heaven and if you have any questions or suggestions please add them in the comments section down below.

Featured image credit: By Agnes Monkelbaan

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