What is Right View?

What is Right View?

Central to spiritual experience is the idea of facing the world you encounter. When you meditate it is usually about the world inside you, the spiritual realm. Paying attention and being open to the possibility of love are helpful traits of the good meditator. These would then be included in what is called Right View.

What is Right View?

Right view is along the lines of being correct, of choosing wisely. With Right view we try to tell the difference: truth from fiction, right from wrong and weighing our choices to determine what’s right or best for us.

To define it you could say that it consists of:

  • Attentive
  • Mindful
  • Thinking right
  • Being responsible
  • Follow the good
  • Proceeding correctly
  • Prayers

These are all good traits and help us be in top shape, helping us be in ‘the now.’ In ‘the now‘ We can use Right view for choosing our direction and being ‘with it’ so we can get the picture.

‘With Right View we can be with that which is great’

About Right View

These traits of Right view are all interdependent and work together. In this way they help us find that which is One. When we do this we approach ‘being whole.’

The Qualities of Right View

Since Right view has its set of qualities let us look at them here.

Attentive – Being attentive is central for us and comes from applying ourselves correctly. When attentive we can see our choices, determine what’s at play and be ready for the situations that come our way.

It comes from thinking right and is so helpful for determining what is real.

This serves best so we can avoid pitfalls, errors than can set us back or throw us off course. We all know the benefit of staying on course.

Attentive can help to overcome obstacles to meditation like poor choice, laziness or incorrect judgement. When we do this it is possible for us to attain happiness, achieve happiness.

Right view is a relief, it’s a worthwhile alternative to world toil and suffering. With Right view these things can be avoided.

‘Right view can give us enthusiasm for meditation’

Mindfulness – Mindfulness is another good trait of Right view and contributes a lot. when we are mindful we are thoughtful, considerate of ourselves and our surroundings.

We can be mindful of environment, our setting & surroundings as well as how we feel and are functioning. With these tools we can be ‘on top of it.’

Being mindful is useful. It always can work. Even if nothing is happening we can be mindful of ‘not much happening‘ and this is ok. As we say it is useful.

We might ask, ‘If nothing is happening is it ok?’ Is it enough to just be mindful even if nothing is happening?

In this still you are aware of what you’re doing, what you’re in, your situation or circumstances.

‘Being mindful of ‘now’ can be consciousness’

Thinking Right – We have seen the two good qualities of attentive & mindful. Being mindful and attentive can help us with thinking right, which is seeing good, weighing our choices and determining priorities.

When we proceed along our course in life, especially in meditation, we want to stay on course and keep it running smooth. When we find out whats primary, the main, most important thing or things to do, then we can see what should be in the lead, what we want to achieve & aim for.

With good choices we proceed with thinking right and this can help us avoid difficulties, like ‘to overdo it’ or ‘needing repair.’

‘With thinking right we can proceed in good measure’

  • When thinking right we should avoid the pairs of opposites (duality.)

Being responsible – This quality, being responsible, has a lot to do with us taking responsibility for our thoughts & actions. When we proceed correctly, being responsible with wise choices and measuring our decisions, then we follow a good path and one that definitely could succeed.

Being responsible is the good choice for our well being as well as being positive for the effects we have on ourselves, others, environment
& society.

Follow the good – When we follow the good there are many benefits. With good we can:

  • gain redemption
  • live past karma
  • attain forgiveness
  • realize peace
  • become good

by being good we feel good, look good to ourselves & others and proceed as positive in the world we live in.

By being good it is more than one evil that you are saved from.

Be good, be spared and so become a spared one.

Proceeding correctly – By embracing & implementing all these good traits, such good qualities, we would be taking it to heart and developing well.

When we have right view it is not so hard to proceed correctly.

Prayers – Attaining & cultivating Right view can be ours with correct application of the tools of Right view. A great aid to developing this is by also using prayer.

We can be mindful of what to put in our prayers. We can pray for both Right view & holding onto good.


Getting Right view is probably the best tool we could have for proceeding well with meditation and life. We can learn how to cultivate Right view and realize the essence of right view and so be better people.

Right view is found in being, our very existence. We have it in us if we just give it a chance and try to see it.

It can help yield harmony, we can find peace and that which is everlasting when we have the Right view.

With TheEvenMind we can get Right view, we can have it.

Keep your eyes on sunny skies!’

We hope you have enjoyed reading about Right View and if you have any questions or suggestions please add them in the comments section down below. We love to hear from you so please follow us on Social Media!

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