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My name is Tom and I am the founder/creator of TheEvenMind.com. I would like to explain a little about myself and the site and what we intend to share here.

TheEvenMind is a concept I’ve had for awhile about meditation and its place in our lives and the world. More and more people take up meditation and I think we need places to turn to to look at it and write about it.

The concept of TheEvenMind is a wholesome concept built around the term Even-Mindedness, which is a super outlook on life. Being Even is mostly about not falling victim to duality, where things can sway between the pairs of opposites. When we are Even we choose wisely and don’t freak out, but run a smooth course and navigate the choices that we face or encounter. Probably everyone knows the benefits of staying Even.

Besides meditation at TheEvenMind we intend to focus the conversation on a balanced life, which is Even, including also health and travel, as they affect the idea of TheEvenMind.

What Meditation Means to Me

I have been meditating for a long time, actually more than 35 years. I started reading self help books and then went to India and Thailand where I encountered whole worlds that were Holy. It’s so pretty to think of the first time you saw Monks coming out of the Temple with the look of peace and tranquility on their faces (I love it!)

When I was in Asia I felt the vibration of the Holiness and totally loved it. When I learned it in Thailand I actually considered becoming a Monk there, but the language barrier would have been too much. Seeing the serene Temples was great, it was so peaceful I just had to have it for myself.

I traveled to India and that was quite different than Buddhist stuff. It was so ancient too! I loved India and still do today. When I was there I learned about Lord Shiva and Krishna and really loved to see the Krishna devotees dance in the street. It opened my eyes a lot.

My first real teaching that I took up was The Tao by Lao Tze, a Chinese Buddha who is so wise. I still love Him today. I read that for 5 years before I went to a teacher who taught Vedanta, the teaching of the Vedas from India (dating back 5000 years.)

The Vedanta teaching became my main practice and that’s what I cherish today. I like the teaching of The Buddha also but Vedanta is my main practice.

Why I Made TheEvenMind.com

I have read many Holy books and done a lot of meditation over the years so I figure now is my time to try and pay it back. At TheEvenMind we want to share the teachings of the great Masters and package it in the concept of TheEvenMind, staying focused and whole with the possibility of including Holy in our lives.

We offer these teachings and sharings with everyone that is interested and we surely invite you to come onboard and be part of this project.

Like the old saying, ‘The more the merrier’ so feel free to join us and we can all go for a ride, with TheEvenMind!

All the best,


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