The Value of Giving

The Value of Giving

Ever since we are young we know what giving is. We especially remember it from our parents and how they loved, cared and provided for us. Most of us would agree that they taught us giving.

What is Giving?

Giving is usually when we give something to someone else. It can mean that, ‘something concrete or abstract is bestowed on one person by another.’ An example of this would be, ‘he gave her a ring.’

This is to present voluntarily and so without expecting compensation.

It can also mean, ‘providing love or other emotional support, like caring.’ For example, ‘he was very giving and supportive.’

We might also see giving as to contribute.

Giving is Good for Us

Giving makes us feel happy. It is not just for the recipients but for the givers’ health and happiness as well, and it can even be for the strength of entire communities.

We can see this reflected in our health. Examples would be clear breathing and seeing, bright outlook and lower blood pressure.

Remember to Consider Giving Back

People give and people receive but it doesn’t stop there. The idea of giving back is available to us and usually stems from gratitude. When we receive something we get grateful so we consider the idea of giving back.

All About Giving

The idea of giving is ok, it’s fine & dandy, but something must be remembered.

The giving should include the receiver, we should think also of him or her.

When you approach giving to someone, when you consider it, you must see that there is ‘fertile ground to plant your seed.’

Some people think that sharing something they know with someone is giving but actually that’s not necessarily so. The giving must include that the receiver has a place for it, that it is really the right thing to do.

Remember to Give Right

Many people give from the place of showing someone else the cool thing that they have. We should remember that we want someone to receive what we give, understand it, appreciate it and have a place for it.

We never want to burden someone or have our gift ‘fall upon deft ears.’

Giving Helps the World

When we give we can help the world grow. Sometimes just throwing out things that we know and calling that giving can constitute violence because it can damage, harm or sidetrack others.

We want our giving to be non violent. Just throwing things out loosely or generally does not in itself constitute giving. We don’t want our giving to be void or one sided so it should include the receiver, be mindful of the receiver.

When we are mindful of the receiver the giving and receiving can put us on the same page with them.

We Are Responsible for What we Give

Usually when we give we choose what to give. So remember, what we put out we are responsible for.

‘When we share good things in a positive way we can be great!’

What is True Giving?

Giving with love is true giving (and people see it.) When we give it is rewarding, it is a rich experience to give.

Ironically, it seems that when we give something we would be less because we give away something we have. That seems like it would be less or we would then have less. For this reason some people are hesitant about giving.

But no! Alas, when we give it is rewarding and there’s more to it.

By giving we are sharing things and it is like planting a seed.

By giving we grow our network, and thus our world, so it can be that ‘everyone benefits when we give.’

Giving Can Be Big

Imagine the idea of ‘giving without measure‘ or ‘unlimited giving.’

When we give we see light in ourselves & others. There is a magic in the growth we experience and also giving correctly, truly or actually giving, encourages others to give. This is because they see the magic & glory of it and get the idea to do it themselves, also.

If everybody gave we would all grow and it’s not hard. Even if you don’t feel like giving just consider & give it a try. There’s always a chance you will like it.

Sometimes the smallest thought or gesture of giving can put us in the ‘giving mood‘ and get us in a good place.

It seems that well managed giving is reciprocal – it is as if we get as we give. Then it is like a cycle, giving and also receiving.

Finding the Joy in Giving

When we give, and the joy & energy of it encourages us to give more, it is uplifting. It is like there is ‘no end to giving.’

If we give competently & correctly, or effectively, we can be a ‘good giver‘ perhaps even a regular giver and that would make us a success.

We think it is richly rewarding to give’

Giving Leads to Giving More

We all like it when someone gives to us so it’s only logical that people would like it when we are a ‘good giver.’

When we give to others in this way, ‘true giving is its own reward.

Just giving a little can encourage us to give more and perhaps more often (even regularly.)


  • people light up when they see a gift
  • there is the joy of receiving
  • often a gift shows something new to others
  • people learn from their gift
  • because its often something they never thought of

A Caution About Giving

Giving is good and we grow when we do it but there is one thing to keep in mind.

Before offering a gift be sure that it is the right thing to do.

You don’t want to cause damage or mislead anyone and we hope that our gifts are well received.

Therefore keep in mind this helpful line:

‘Take good care of yourself’

In giving be mindful, thoughtful and considerate.

‘In giving we want to be guided by good’

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