What is The Even Mind?

What is The Even Mind?

Here at this site TheEvenMind we talk about life, love and meditation as it applies to the name TheEvenMind, which is about being forthright and balanced. Being focused and on the ball is on everybody’s list so we want to talk about it and discuss ways to achieve it.

TheEvenMind is our true mind in its potential, with inner peace and harmony as part of our very nature. It’s about truth, love, friendship and relations, a give and take that we do in life but also having the focus and balance that we truly need.

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The 4 Qualities of TheEvenMind

Having a balanced even mind is like a gem, the more we have it the more we like it. There are countless qualities and virtues that can be in an even mind but we want to list four qualities that are great assets to have included in the mind.

The 4 Qualities are:

  • Right livelihood
  • Right view
  • Even mindedness
  • Centered thoughts

These qualities strengthen the mind and are a great asset to it.

The first two qualities are from The Buddha, right livelihood and right view. The next one, even mindedness, is a spiritual concept that addresses the topic of balance. Lastly centered thoughts helps us with focus and is an aid to our concentration.

Right livelihood – This concept is about how we live our lives, hopefully rightly. When we are fair in our dealings with people (and things), when we are not quick to judge or when we have balance in our mind and health then it makes sense that we can be living our lives rightly.

People get so busy that keeping our lives in order can seem quite a task, and sometimes gets ‘blurry.’ Avoiding ‘the fog‘ and keeping it on the ball is quite an accomplishment and we deserve praise when we do it, although it doesn’t always follow. It’s so great when we are doing well and we see our friends doing well, it almost is like ‘too good to be true!’

Right livelihood is a fabulous idea and we help the whole world when we live by it and keep our lives in order. Clean, fresh, bright and alert are signs we see when we are performing well. Let’s keep our lives in order and be better people, friends and citizens as an example to be seen.

Right view – This idea is central to our viewing things correctly and making good choices. When our scope is big enough and we stick with clear seeing we can develop good view.

Having right view is influenced by mindfulness, where we view or observe things in a non-judgemental way. We allow them to just be, without a lot of good/bad or right/wrong judgement. If we practice ‘being’ – not being this or that but just ‘being – then we can give space to our experiences and allow them to develop. Sometimes it’s like the saying, ‘Good things come in small packages.’

When our view is right then more or less we are right, like when we are in touch with the flow and things are going smoothly (or correctly.) We usually can tell if we are ‘with it‘ by how things go in our experience and how things behave in relation to us, both within and without. People always love us when we are ‘with it.’

Even mindedness – This idea is super, we all want to practice Even Mindedness. Being thoughtful, polite and balanced puts us halfway on the path to being there. It’s good to meditate and get our thoughts in order, finding calm, peace and rest along with it. When we are Even Minded we attain a calm that can be lasting and serves as a quality that permeates our whole being.

Being even minded is being not quick to judge, wise in our choices and steady to make decisions that we feel good to live by. Being Even is like a river, we can sit by and watch the flow. Time seems to stand still when we are even and balanced and one of its best traits is not being swayed by the pairs of opposites. Thoughtful balance is for the man with the Even Mind.

Centered thoughts – This idea is about being centered: focused with collected thoughts. Being centered is being in touch with what’s central: our spirit, the flow of our energy, our life’s stream.

Centered thoughts are organized and lined up with the balance of the universe. In China it is called The Tao or The Way, which gets called ‘the unplanned rhythms of things.’

This idea can lead us to an even mind, with balance and peace resulting from being ‘with it.’ We can cultivate good time management and organized thinking along with developing good quality control of our life, health and bodies. Centered thoughts are in tune with nature’s rhythms and with such good organization we can proceed with confidence and determination towards good things.

More On TheEvenMind

TheEvenMind is about being good hearted, it wants to talk about and tap into the wealth of resources that we have within us. With meditation you grow and develop, as you learn it you learn to appreciate it more and more.

As your meditation blossoms you can develop heartfelt dedication. It is rich in light and nourishment so devotion and faith grow.

This is what we want to share at TheEvenMind, a world of joy and wonder where we can learn the meaning and beauty of Holy.

The Joy of Meditation

Meditation is far reaching, its history is vast, rich and colorful. It spans farther than the eye can see.

There have been many meditators since the beginning and a lot of Buddhas too (self realized men and women.) The teaching is abundant and entering into meditation is a smart choice for the young and old, whether man, woman or other.

There are various types of meditation but the central theme is rather clear, lining our body and mind up with light and nature to experience the Purfect Fullness that we have access to within. Whatever school you follow in meditation usually yields positive results and people rave about the improvements to their lives.

TheEvenMind: So Why Even Care About it?

This is an interesting question and one that pops up sometimes, mostly for people that don’t know.

TheEvenMind is good because it helps us grow, and when we grow we thrive. We work better, perform better and have better relationships (friends, family etc.)

Being a whole person includes having a social side, being balanced and having our ‘stuff together.’ When we render our mind Even then we follow right action so we put things in order.

TheEvenMind is Like The Tao

TheEvenMind really is like the Tao, it is useful. When we have things in order the functioning goes well and we like what we are doing.

The Buddha taught the Middle Way, it is useful. Finding our center and achieving balance with TheEvenMind we could soar.

The Tao is great
Being great it travels far
Having travelled far, it returns

Lao Tze

Don’t Forget Health & Travel

At TheEvenMind site we also care about health and travel. The name is TheEvenMind so we care about the health of TheEvenMind and travel that is good for it.

We love these two and figure they fit well with TheEvenMind. You should have good health and diet, sound mind and good well-being.


Having an even mind is positive and looks like a win-win situation. The more you do it the better you feel. The better you feel the more you do it.

Meditation is a jewel and we want to wear it well. Its benefits are many and primarily we can gain peace and clear thinking. Most people in the world would trade a lot for these two things!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about TheEvenMind and if you have any questions or suggestions please add them in the comments section down below.

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