The 3 States

The 3 States

The 3 States:

  • Waking
  • Dream
  • Deep sleep

Everyday we wake up, check in with ourself and make plans to start our day. Each day we continue along in this way to live our lives.

As we move through each day, each 24 hours, we pass through the day & night in the 3 states: waking, dream and deep sleep.

It’s helpful to know these 3 states to have a view & overview of what we see, experience & go through.

The Waking State

Of the 3 states probably the most important & familiar to us is the waking state.

  • It is the one we find when we come out of sleep (awaken.)

When we are sleeping it is either a dream or like a dream.

When we awaken there is the idea that ‘we have come out of sleep’ but still there remains the effect or presence of the sleep (dream) state.

  • Coming out of sleep and awakening is the waking state.

When we wake up sometimes we become immediately alert or other times we stay a bit more sleepy or even groggy.

It is a good idea when waking up to pay attention to our setting (usually the bedroom) and notice what goes on around us as we awaken.

This way we can notice the transition from dream to waking state.

Some people like to meditate when they awaken and this helps them get a good fresh start on the day.

When we start our day with meditation it helps prevent errors so we get off to a good start.

The Appearance of the World

It is in the waking state that the world appears (or seems to appear.)

The world appears sometimes during our day but most of the time we don’t notice it. We are either thinking of something or busy focused on something and often we don’t see the world.

Since we don’t see the world most of the time it comes into question:

whether the world is real or not


something that is not there most of the time is considered not to be real.

The world however is considered part of the waking state.

The World & Sensory Experience

In waking we have our sensory experience (seeing hearing tasting touching and smell.)

These experiences are felt through the 5 senses and we really need to manage them well to maintain our balance.

We are constantly interacting in the world with sensory objects.

It is a good use of meditation & mindfulness to keep our balance and regulate our day.

We find our sensory experience in the world,:

the ‘play of the 5 elements‘ (earth, air, fire, water & ether.)

Our Duties in the Waking State

In the waking state people go about their day & do their duties (work, home, friends & family, general duties.)

In this waking state we have to manage our energy and activities for balance, getting the job done & our longevity.

In doing this we often think about things & plan.

If we think clearly & plan right we set ourselves up for good experience & success.

The waking state goes on throughout the day all the way until we go to sleep.

The Sleep (Dream) State

The sleep (dream) state is for us when we retire and try to get some rest (sleep.)

It is different than the waking state and has attributes of its own.

We Are A Different Person in Sleep

In the sleep state the person sleeping or dreaming is not the same person as in the waking state.

The sleeper/dreamer is called the sleep character and he experiences the sleep/dream world (not the same as the waking world.)

In India this sleep/dream character is called the Taijasa (dream character.)

He experiences the sleep/dream world.

In the sleep/dream world

Sometimes we see things in dream (people, places) but we never know what we will see.

It’s hard to tell if we have any say over what appears before us in the dream state:

sometimes we see simple or logical things other times we might see more imaginative things.

When a dream is constant (continuing) we often fancy it and have a good time.

It sure is fun to remember our dreams!

If the dream state is too active or restless its hard to get some rest.

Everybody loves it when they sleep good and have a restful sleep!

The Deep Sleep State

The deep sleep state is dear to us and some think it is the most precious of all.

This is the state where we really go out and have the most restful deep sleep.

The definition of the deep sleep state is exciting because it is different from the other 2 states (waking & dream.)

In the deep sleep state the sleeper (usually ourself) is the subject and he experiences the deep sleep state (the object.)

Usually the sleeper is in relation to a world (ie the dream world) but in deep sleep there is no world for the subject (me), there is no object (world.)

In deep sleep state there is the subject (me), but there is no object (world.)

This is why there is such good rest in the deep sleep state because there is no world to bother us (so we get great rest.)


The goal of meditation is called Moksha (liberation or enlightenment) which is:

release from the cycle of birth & death and merging with the Lord (God.)

In order to attain to enlightenment we need to be in relation to a world and this can occur only in the waking state.

In deep sleep there is the potential for enlightenment because of the deep peace but it cannot occur because there is no world in the deep sleep state.

So we can only get enlightened in the waking state.

Finding Love in the 3 States

Yes, we can feel the love in all 3 states.

The love is common in all 3 states, it can be thought that it is the substratum, running through all 3 states.

The love is omnipresent, always around and full of love.

We should be thankful for the 3 states!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about The 3 States and if you have any questions or suggestions please add them in the comments section down below.

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