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The Mindfulness Playbook

Meditation is a fine undertaking and a good use of time. It develops us and helps us be better people.

Here is the book The Mindfulness Playbook which includes ‘Easy to use techniques to help you find peace and boost your outlook.’

This book makes available the teaching & methods for practicing good quality meditation for heightened experience. No matter what level you are on the secrets for growth are contained inside. Read more >>

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Inner Meditations book

Here is a good meditation ebook: Inner Meditations: Getting Started – Full Description. It is a fun and easy book to read and get to know, all about meditation.

Whether you are young, old or in the middle you can learn this topic and put it into actual practice with fruits to gain almost immediately. You can grow as you go and meditate to find love & peace. Read more >>

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2 Meditation books

This is our BONUS OFFER where you can get 2 books for 1 price! These are 2 great meditation books that go hand in hand with each other, offering you all you need for a meditation resource.

Each book has wonderful topics & chapters all about meditation methods and the right view. The 2 Meditation books are:

  • The Mindfulness Playbook
  • Inner Meditations: Getting Started Full Description