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The Mindfulness Playbook

We are pleased to offer you here the good book The Mindfulness Playbook which includes ‘Easy to use techniques to help you find peace and boost your outlook.’

It is full of exciting meditation news, facts & tips for practicing NOW and ‘getting in the zone.’ It is so helpful that we refer to it as The book with all the secrets.’

We cover various topics in the book and it is composed of 3 main Sections:

  • Mindfulness
  • Breathing Meditation
  • Practice

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All 3 Sections have super useful information and also contain some meditations you can practice NOW! It flows fluidly so stopping to think & meditate along the way is totally ok.

The Main Topics

We mention that one central theme is on Breathing.

Since breath is central to our lives then that makes it important. We often don’t pay enough attention to it but we know we love it when we take a deep breath.

We cover many ‘companion topics‘ like Caring which is an important thing to keep in mind for your meditation and life. We care for a lot of things:

  • health
  • sanity
  • well-being
  • family & friends
  • world condition

Remembering to care is a great aid to a fruitful meditation practice.

All of the topics and articles in the book are valuable and will help you grow & improve your outlook so be sure to consider this book for your collection!

About this book

In Section 1 we cover Mindfulness, a topic growing in popularity yet dating back many centuries. We offer a fresh & vibrant view of this approach to meditation and intend to give you enough information to establish you in a fruitful practice.

The Section 2 of the book is dedicated to Breathing which is so important to us. We can go for some time without food or water but we need breath constantly, without it we perish.

Seeing it is important we offer information, exercises and meditations for practicing good breathing and being whole overall. These articles will provide you with a good background on the topic of breathing.

The Section 3 of the book is on Practice. It contains many helpful articles on topics you would want to include in your meditation practice.

All the articles are thoughtful and will give you a good view of ‘the whole picture.’

Section 3: Practice

  • Mindfulness Tips
  • Being Mindful of Breath


  • Caring
  • Gratitude
  • Sharing
  • Love
  • Prayer


  • Places to Meditate
  • Meditation Positions
  • Meditation & The Stages of Life
  • Spiritual Quotes
  • Spiritual Jokes

We also have an About the Author page.

We hope you will find these topics helpful and they boost your meditations & performance!

The Goal of Meditation

Meditation is a fine undertaking and a good use of time. It develops us and helps us be better people. It does have a goal, a purpose, that it aims for. This is called Enlightenment.

We cover this topic and provide enough information & background so you can practice good meditation and have an eye on the goal as well.

Things always go better when you have a goal!

Summing it up

Life is a journey and we love to pass it successfully plus have a lot of friends along the way. At every stage of life there is joy & wonder at all the amazing stuff that presents itself in our view.

We hope you find a place for this book in your life and we know you can grow with it.

There’s no better time than NOW to practice meditation & improve your life!

The book is 112 Pages

It comes in 2 Formats PDF & EPUB for the phone (you can choose which Format you want on the Download Page)

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