This is an Article introducing The Story:

  • The Old Man And The Boy Story

It is an Old Chinese Story about:

  • A Boy and The Old Man

In this Story, there are two main characters:

  • he was the old man
  • the boy was the boy

They both live in the same village

and they knew each other from before

The boy was young, but he knew the old man from before:

the old man was wise, so the boy would visit him

About The Story

It is a good Story:

  • both Ancient, wise and meaningful

So we are happy to be able to make this Story available

The Complete Story is available in Our Store so it is always possible
to go there and get a copy.

In this Article we wish to:

  • introduce The Story
  • share points about it
  • and give a general outline or view of The Story

The Story is Ancient, and so:

it has been around for a long time!

It is:

  • Old
  • dear
  • moving
  • loving
  • and touching

Plus, there is some Mystery in The Story!

An Outline of The Story

The Story is simple, yet:

  • there are some points of interest that make it valuable

It is not a hard Story to read, and it does cover some interesting Topics, like:

and also, the old man was wise

These two characters get along ok:

  • so there is some Mystery in The Story!

Since The Story is simple, there is not too much to remember:

so the Main Points of The Story are possible to remember

We think that The Story covers some good Topics of value!

General Outline of The Story

We can offer here:

a General Outline of The Story

In order to see how it goes:

when we know The Story, generally

then we can have a view of how it goes

The Main Points:

the boy knew the old man
so he would sometimes visit him

In The Story, they do:

and decide to go for a walk

They decide to go:

to the seashore, not too far from their village

This is the destination for their walk together

They also plan to return to their village, after going for a walk to the seashore

And, don’t forget:

there is some Mystery in The Story!

This is the Main Outline of The Story

Story Summary:

In The Story, the two characters:

spend time together
and the boy learns from the old man

On that day:

as it turns out, he learns a lot from the old man

Their visit together, on that day:

the boy and the old man

makes a big change in both of their lives

In the end:

after quite an interesting time together

it turns out that:

the old man, actually, learned more than the boy!

And what he learns was:

not at all what he thought
when they started out together
on that day

So, we see in The Story that:

there is also some Mystery!